Fewer Words for a Better Life

Paleo Houskeeping-Essential Oils

Paleo living shouldn’t be just about eating right?  When we decide to take the junk out of our diet, we should consider taking some of the bad stuff out of … Continue reading

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All Paleo Good? Not So Fast!

Just because it’s low fat doesn’t mean it’s healthy right?  You know this by now.  Usually if it’s low fat, it’s loaded with sugar. The same can be true of … Continue reading

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“If It Fits Your Macros”

I’ve been exposed to this kind of eating on several different levels, never really drinking the kool-aid.  I came across an article that echoed my feelings and thought it would … Continue reading

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Quick Tip!

I’ve talked about this before but just a reminder!! The canned-fish aisle is a great place to locate virtually carb-free protein. Pink salmon is an economical option with lower levels … Continue reading

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Ladies-Phytoestrogen Info!

I was listening to a Ben Greenfield podcast this morning and there was a discussion about the phytoestrogens in flax seed and/or chia seed. My curiosity was peaked when Ben … Continue reading

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Keto Drinking Games

This comes up a lot.  There’s plenty of info on it too.  I found this article to be pretty comprehensive. I hope you find it useful!   Can I drink … Continue reading

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Fat Fat Fat

There’s no doubt that when you decide to add more fat to your diet, the task can become daunting.  I have been fiddling around with Keto for a few months, … Continue reading

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Keto Friendly Berries

In my quest to carve out the “perfect” Keto lifestyle, I’ve seen plenty of pro-berry information.  Below is an article aptly written addressing the attributes of eating berries.  If you … Continue reading

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Chasing the “Stall”

Once again I am sharing wise words from our friends over at Ketovangelist.  Please take a few minutes to read what Brian Williamson is telling us and don’t despair if … Continue reading

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Another Take on Sweeteners

What’s the best artificial sweetener? By Brian Williamson One of the most popular questions asked by people who are just beginning the Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyleis about what they can … Continue reading

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